Jul 20, 2008

Fact sheet

a short description of what's been going on around me for past couple of weeks. dry facts, nothing more.

+ The location - Stendis, Denmark.
a place with 5 houses (including ours), cornfields and cows all over the place. everything's green and everything's flat. not much more to say.

+ The staff - the team of 12 awesome counselors.
I'm sorry, but I am going to label people here.
Magdalena The Magic&Mysterious Camp Director
Aninia The Assistant Camp Director - the owner of the small blue car and a cool collection of t-shirts
Ilze The Chilled out Latvian Wellness Counselor.
Kārlis The Awesome Latvian Cook - if he keeps this way, I might become a vegetarian soon.
Cinna The Crazy Music Girl.
Macon The Walking Source of Insparation. She lives out what she preaches - art IS everywhere!
Naghmeh The Peacemaker
Eszter, Ms. Capability
Jonas, Mr. "Don't look at the deer, look at the road!"
Alexei The Tough Outdoorsy Guy
Mariah The Drama Queen.
and me.

+ The campers
AH. they are beautiful. We have them from almost all continents except Australia and Antarctica. I am living together with 40 historymakers.

+ The hike
we took out 3 girls for a 3 day hike. we got our faces and shoulders sunburned, and we layed foundations for couple of longterm friendships. not bad for a second week.

+ The scouts each year my impression of scouts being simply awesome people increases for couple of points. we rocked up at their camping place, looking for a place to stay for a night. they not only didn't kick us out (which they basic
ally had every right to do since they own that area) - they gave us the best camping place with a wonderful view on the lake, they looked after us and called us "our new international friends", they invited us to their flag ceremony the next morning and didnt stop saying how happy they are to have us there.
a wonderful lesson on hospitality indeed.

+ The Brussels
city in process. city of shiny glass&steel buildings right next to centuries old brick houses. I still love it. it is easy simply to BE in there. I wish i could spend a week there just being on my own.

+ Driving
I have 4 new driving experiences so far:
1) driving in another country
2) driving through 4 different countries in one day
3) driving 150km/h . ah, that's pure freedom right there.
4) driving a huge blue mazda van
conclusion - driving is kind of fun. still.