Nov 20, 2008

There are NO LIMITS!

You never know what is going to trigger the craziness inside of you.
It's pretty clear that we all have one. Its just a matter of time and place and people around you (especially them!) when you suddenly end up dancing on the street, in the middle of the night, dressed like a ridiculous creature from 15 years ago. Well, maybe you will have different activities, theme and dresscode. Fair enough.
Put together "Night at the Roxbury" and the era of boybands (and the insane amounts of love songs they produced. well, they still do), throw in couple of old MTV videos, and - voila!, you get...

As its said in the video (that is floating somewhere in the youtube universe) we made out of bits and pieces of that night-
All the credits and the deepest gratitude go to:
the perfect timing for our childhood
the artists and performers of the 90-ies
the unlimited city of Helsinki
and, of course, our beautiful selves - kac, els, liig, mad.