Jan 17, 2009


it's been a while eh?

there are times when it is good to choose to be silent. no matter what is going inside and outside of you - let it settle, let it sink in, let it become part of you. you have your whole life time to tell it.
i've learned lately that no matter how skillful you are in writing, no mater how big your experience is or how touched (sometimes) others are by your words, there will be moments when... when all the words on the earth are not going to be enough to say it. say IT. words always are going to be too short, incapable to carry the weight you wish they could. the weight of narrowing the reality down to paper and ink (this case - millions of combinations of 1 and o).


what's next?
where is your life heading?
when was the last time you stopped and stared for a while? it doesnt matter what at. just stopped and stared without a reason.
what do you spend the most time thinking of?
do you use your imagination right?
do you use it at all?
what part does the creativity have in your life?
do you get enough sleep?
who was the last person that made you smile?
who have you recently made to smile?

one of my new year's resolution is to meet a nun. or a monk. and talk to her/him, and get a story about their life. it would be awesome. if i get it, i promise to post it here. i bet it will be something worth telling others.

i'm going to argentina on 27th. so maybe soon and very soon this blog will have some spanish here and there as well:)

adios my dear brothers and sisters.
it's time to live now.