Feb 4, 2009

five minute break

just a quick "hey what's up" before the real thing comes. before i have a good hour and a half to grab a mate, sit down under a palm tree , gather my thoughts and put them on paper. dang, sorry, in a computer (paper is WAY nicer, but it will take a while before you guys can actually read it so... another proof for the "fast food" generation).
DIFFERENT. if there is a one word i would have to narrow this week down to, this would be it. man, its different here. you just go through the day and keep wondering. yes, this is a different continent. yes, this is not going to be the cozy-lozy trip with hanging out and laughing (i havent had such a trip for years). this is going to be stretching and challenging, totally out of any box i have ever been in. but its going to be good.
so yeah. just couple of days more, and i will write a bit more about all the dogs and armadillos, crazy driving and mate, buenos aires and what not. patience is a virtue, as a dear friend once said (yes, rune, it was you). remind me that time to time eh?

tiem, kuri nelasa angliski - palūdziet kādamm,lai iztulko:)