Mar 25, 2009

although pandas are nice...

...the plants they need to survive ARE NOT! let me tell you why.

so. Liga (the toher latvian girl) and me, we went to climb ta dead volcano yesterday. everything goes well, we hitch-hike to the mountain, start walking, sun is shining. todo bueno. the trouble started when we lost the track in the very beginning of our hike. of course (of course!) it was me who said that we shouldn't go back, trying to find it again. instead, i suggested that we just keep going up off-road. so we do that, and first there are bamboos here and there and i keep saying that i think they look nice and that they are essential for pandas' population in the world blah blah blah. bamboos keep being closer and closer, and we get to a point where we have to squeeze ourselves through the bamboo bushes... i felt like in a movie about war in Vietnam where those american soldiers are trying to defeat their enemies.

we kept fighting with those crazy plants for 2 hours, and at the point where a broken bamboo stabbed in my eyebrow, i got it. the truth just clicked (as it usually does). bamboos ARE NOT these cute plants that you can put in a little glass jar and put on your windowsill. nooooo. bamboos are weeds, very anoying ones, and they are not my friends. period.
so now i have a bruise on my eyebrow, and i look like a victim of domestic violence. telling people that i feel off the stairs would sound way more believable than trying to convince them that i was stabbed by a bamboo:)

p.s. we did make it up the volcano by the way. it was spectacular.