Mar 4, 2009

upside down kingdom

on my way of looking for a place of peace and quiet, and green, and birds in this labyrinth of 12 million people, asphalt, subways and suburbs, I came across this cemetery. i should have thought about it at first place (but oh well, you live and you learn). this place, so huge and wide, surprised me with the richness and fullness of life. a bit absurd and paradoxical indeed that a place that represents the death at its most and biggest can also be so alive and vivid and inspiring. I found more birds and trees and fresh air in there than i saw before in the whole month in the other parts of the city.

and maybe that's how this world actually works. there is life in the very middle of death. there are flowers right on the top of bones long forgotten. there is beauty behind ashes. and there is god putting this broken planet back together. piece by piece by piece.

i love cemeteries. one day i will make the exhibition of all the cemeteries i have seen and taken pictures of all around the world.