May 2, 2009

when the fall comes around

right in the beginning of the fall, when leaves are turining yellow and red and the cold wind blows from all the possible directions. when mountains are covered with the forst snow and you feel like wearing mittens though realizing it would be a bit too warm in them. right then i happened to be in Bariloche - a place surrounded by Andi mountains and the stunning beauty of Patagonia. at first we werent too good of friends, Bariloche and me, but it turned out this love just needs some time.
and right there, on the Easter sunday, with the wind in my hair and sun in my eyes, the Patagonia stole my heart. there was no point in resisting or fighting it off. as it always happens, it just hit me, and from then on... there is one more place on the good old planet Earth that has a piece of my heart.
and, as it usually is with love, you cannot explain it. you just have to come here to see it, letting the Patagonia do the thing it does.