Dec 28, 2010

Where you invest your love, you invest your life

Breaking all the rules about not rambling too much, and saving the words for the better times, and even knowing that we will be held accountable about every freaking syllable, still, I couldn't resist putting my balance sheet of oh so majestic 2010 together. There is this little something something about the end of the year, and I did gave in to temptation. So here it goes. Ladies and gentlemen, my highlights and my sweet downfalls of 2010.

Music Of The Year/non-Latvian: Mumford and sons

They caught me totally by surprise, to the point that I had to stop while walking down the street and really check twice if what I hear is really what they are singing. For such a long time I hadn't heard such mixture of hope, grace, unpolished vocal, country sounding guitars and indie attitude. Their catchy melodies and dangerously quotable lyrics soaked in faster than fast, and I really do hope that 2011 brings me to their live show some where some how.

Music Of The Year/Latvian
: 100 baltas dvēseles

First I heard them in POSITIVUS music festival, and they captured my attention and almost my heart as well on that very moment. Since then they have not left my playlist, bringing back the hope that maybe there are some good things happening in Latvian music, and filling my autumn nights and mornings with fragile and heartfelt melodies.

Event Of The Year: homo ecos:

I can't believe I get to have this job. It has been nothing but creativity, joy and fun, and even in the busiest times I get these waves of the rewarding feeling that I do something that matters. Soon and very soon I will post my "Probably, the best job in the world and 101 reasons why I think like that".
You can find out more in here:

Book Of The Year: "THE ELEMENT" by Sir Ken Robinson

This amazing man and his work have brought a great deal of insight, wisdom and hope in the way I think and act, and reading his book on a sunny cliff in Sweden was one of the most enjoyable moments of 2010. He is not only an expert of education, a bright visionary and one of the world's leading minds in education transformation movement, but also a person who delivers his message with the kind humor and wit that makes you wonder if you are watching an educational video or a humor show.

Here is one of his teachings on education, and, believe me, the others are as good or even better.

Trip Of The Year: The One To Denmark

They are like a second family - lovely Thomsens, and amazing Adams. It was so so good to see them, and laugh, and cry, and frolic, and play together. Their capability to love the people around them is incredible. Can't wait to see them again, and again, and again.

Discovery Of The Year
: Breakfast Club

When they say "church", you imagine lots of things, but not anything like... this. A cozy home, awesome breakfast, laughing until someone falls off the chair, fireplace, teaching that encourages comments and questions, prayers and worship, and God in the very midst of that.
In the psalms, David sang: "Taste and see that the LORD is good". Sometimes it is not enough with just seeing something. You have to experience it to really know what is it all about. Church is not a building, and it's not an institution. It's a community, and now I've seen and experienced that more than ever before.
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Movie Of The Year: The Boat That Rocked

Hilarious comedy with a great cast (including a few from "IT crowd" and "Flight Of Conchordes"). You really get a feeling what was living in 60'ies underground music scene all about.

Revelation of The Year:
"What good it is for a man to gain the whole world, but to loose his soul instead?"

Be careful with what you love, how much and where you invest your energy. Even the best causes can wear you out, leaving hopeless and empty. Sustainability is a story not only about the world's resources, but about our own inner stuff as well. Do be wise with what you have and how you spend it, and if there is enough left for tomorrow.


So, yes, indeed. Much has been lost, and much has been gained, and even though sometimes it seems you will never be even life, there is one point where it doesn't matter anymore.
I will never be able to pay back what I have been given, and the best I can do is to pay it forward. It doesn't make a bad new years resolution, does it?

"Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another".