May 15, 2011

my very own big deal

because I haven't written anything for a long time.
because this was the most relaxed and laid back yet the most creative week in months.
because when you let things be and flow, they might turn out and in to something very unexpected and beautiful.
because, for once, this was more about the process than a result, and, to my surprise, both turned out to be better than I could ever ask for.
because the concept of taking a piece from this and a piece from that, and putting together, and making something new has always fascinated me beyond words.

because this love has grown in depth and width, and there is no way back.

with this I celebrate that I am a girl. a girl that can build a bike from scratch.

and most likely they are never going to read this anyway,
but I could not have done this without Stass, Gatis & Vitālijs.
thank you boys.