Feb 24, 2008


piedodiet par sveshvalodu. slinkum slinkum laid mani valjaa.

This week was like a mojito (a thing I haven’t had for a while, and wasn’t used to have it that often when I was back home as well). Refreshing. Tasty. Sparkling. All the components I like separately as well, but together it is this delicious goodness:) And it gave me this little kick – a boost of joyful energy that I can use in here. Back in Assiat. The Town On The Island.

Ilulissat. Bits and Pieces. Beads on a string.

Ivars Silis. No comments.
Icebergs – huge and untamed. Floating around as if they were homeless. They actually are. Like big babies, kicked out of the home. Almost every morning there was a different one out of the window. The mornings without any seemed a little bit lonely.
Sunsets. With all the sea in tens of different colours of blue, and ice reflecting the last streams of light, and all the town being covered in pink. I think that pink is God’s favourite colour. Or at least light orange.

Crazy kids, jumping on the mattresses and making flips and somersaults, and trying to attract our attention in every possible way. We didn’t mind. I like taking pictures of them – their faces are so alive. Sometimes it feels like they express all the pain they have been through. I they have been through a lot.

Drive on the snowmobiles. Forty five minutes, full of screaming, laughing and shrieking. Excitement in the air, in my brain, and in my blood. Craziest ride I’ve ever had. Sun was all over the place, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open not only because of that, but also because of the wind, and snow, and just coldness everywhere. We crossed three frozen lakes, and ended up at the small wooden cabin with 3-floor beds and ice everywhere inside (frozen water in tea pots, buckets, water tank, mugs…). It took us 3 hours to warm it up until we could take of our jackets and boots. The cabin is in the very middle of nowhere – and there was such a silence I felt like in a white Christmas card. Or in a nature movie without sound – you can see birds flying and sun shining, and your friends walking, but you cant hear a thing. So weird.
Night with full moon and northen lights, and playing Settlers of Catan (guess who won?;)), and chess. Lovely. Mere lovely.
Visiting tiny village on our way back. A village with 20 houses, school with 15 kids, and nice Danish missionary couple. We just popped up at their place out of nowhere, hoping just to warm up (the drive back was very windy and cold), but they made us a supernice lunch (with chocholate chip cookies!!!) and told about their life in Greenland. Ah. It just cant help being surprised again and again how NICE people are in here.

My little hike in the sunset. I just wanted to go for a walk and take some pictures (picture hunting!), but it ended up to be a 2 hour hike over the mountains, all the way til ice fjord. And we met again – me and them. Icebergs. All covered in sun, with little ships going around and in between them. It just blows my mind how beautiful the world is. On my way back I was jumping from 2m rocks in the snow (that was heck of fun) and could stop thinking – God, I can’t believe I get to live this life.

Duck in the orange sauce the other night.

Saying goodbye to Andreas and Ole, and Alan and Magy – they are wonderful people. And I respect them so much for being able to live in this place for such a long time.
Bookshop. And the book I bought (my definition of having enough money = being able to go in the bookshop and buy 3 whatever books I like, and not feeling guilty about it)

And as a nice frosting to all that coolness – our flight back to Assiat got cancelled, so “air greeland” put us in this very nice 4* hotel for the night. Ah, it was wonderful to sleep in a bed and have a shower as long as you want, and eat fruits for breakfast. That was like a flashback from the past. Like a very nice treat from God who just keeps us surprising me every other day. And I kind of like that:)

So. We are back in Assiat. Two more weeks, and we are going home. Wherever it is. Sometimes it feels we already are there – in future. Grimrud future, Nordtun future, Summer future, “aftershool” future, wedding future. It differs from person to person.
But I really want to still be here for a while. And in the next 2 weeks give all I have. And a little bit more.

One thing I have realized is that we are called to invest in places, people, things, projects and lives that won’t ever be able to give us something back (very economically un-smart, I know). From now on, I want to start learning how to do that. Are you in?
Luke 14: 12-14